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Hertz HL 70
Κωδικός: Hertz HL 70

The very compact HL 70 full-range has performance-enhancing properties and thrilling acoustic features. Its REN® Neodymium double magnet minimises space requirements and ensures power and stability at high temperatures, four layer CCAW voice coil wound on a KSV former, Damped Mesh fibre cone: it can be used as full range, central channel or excellent midrange in multi-way systems. Moreover the introduction of the V-cone® , for an excellent acoustic dispersion, and innovative Radial Venting System: HL 70 concentrates all the most recent Hertz innovations.

Τιμη ζευγους

Data table

Size mm (in.) 70 (3”)

Power Handling - Peak W 100

Power Handling - Continuous W 50

Impedance Ω 4

Frequency response Hz 200 ÷ 14k

Sensitivity dB SPL 92

Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 20

Magnet REN® Neodymium

 Cone/Dome Damped Mesh Fibre Cone


1. REN®  Neodymium magnet; for the greatest energy in the smallest space.
2. Four layer CCAW voice coil wound on a KSV former; for excellent thermal and mechanical capacity.
3. Damped Mesh Fibre Cone; for extended bandwidth and smooth response.
4. V-cone®; for the best off-axis dispersion and mid-high frequency detail.
5. Anti-vibration rubber magnet cover; damps spurious vibrations.
6. Radial Venting System; for efficient thermal management.
7. Loss-less Polymer Rubber Surround; for long throw and maximum damping.



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